Collection: Virtue VIO II Collection - High-Quality Thermal Paintball Masks, Goggles, and Lenses

The VIO II is the perfect mixture of high-end comfort and reliable protection. The VIO II has built upon the success of past models, while implementing essential improvements. This has resulted in one of the most comfortable and protective masks in the Paintball industry. The VIO II is both lightweight and comfortable, yet extremely protective. Our Hinge Lock™ Quick Change Lens allows quick and easy lens replacements when in a crunch. We also have a variety of scratch-resistant Chromatic Lenses to fit your style and match any Paintball jersey. Additional features of the VIO II include: fog-resistant thermal lens, Bright Lens Technology, enhanced visibility, improved communication, and enhanced ventilation. If performance, comfort, and style are important to you, be sure to purchase a VIO II Paintball Mask and extra Chromatic Lenses before the next time you hit the fields.