Collection: Virtue & Bunkerkings Playing Gear | High-Quality Paintball Pads, Pants, Gloves, and More

Virtue and Bunkerkings offer a comprehensive selection of Playing Gear that will help you play well and look better. In addition to the comfort and durability you can expect from all of our apparel, Virtue’s joggers and pants offer unrestricted movement for any difficult scenarios you may face on the field. With adjustable waists and ankles, moisture-wicking materials, and concealed cargo pockets, our pants and joggers will keep you calm, cool, and collected in any situation. Our pads are lightweight to allow ease of movement but are reinforced at the knees and elbows to keep you safe and prevent injuries. Virtue’s gloves are built to last with tear-resistant construction. The rest of our Playing Gear includes jerseys, barrel swabs, tank covers, and barrel covers. Each of these items come in a variety of colors and can be purchased in a bundle for a discount! If you’re looking to upgrade your current gear, Virtue and Bunkerkings supply the best looking, high-quality gear in the Paintball industry.