Collection: Bunkerkings CMD Thermal Goggle | Best Fog-Resistant Paintball Mask

The Bunkerkings CMD is a revolution in Paintball goggle technology. The three primary components that set the CMD goggle apart from its competitors are the Trifecta Anti-Fog System, increased air flow, and dynamic protection from the sun that allows you to see much better on the field. The BK Command goggle also adds extreme comfort with super plush, interchangeable foam linings that reduce pressure on the face. Extra key features include distortion-free hearing, direct communication mouth vents, glare reduction, scratch-resistant coating, and an adjustable, secure fit. If you’re looking to take your game to the next level and be more comfortable/stylish on the field, be sure to shop our collection of Bunkerkings CMD goggles that come in a variety of standout colors.

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