Making The Big Get Small

Making The Big Get Small

Making The Big Get Small

It is easy to avoid small bunkers in practice. Playing the position you find comfortable and playing bunkers which you believe are “built for your size”. However, it’s time to break from your comfort zone and get small!

You have no influence on where the bunkers will be placed on the field at the events, and you never know how a game will unfold. At any given time, your position could go from back to front, dorito to snake side, or even up the center. Force yourself in practice to play the smallest bunkers and uncomfortable positions.

Do the following to help you learn how to play the bunker, and positions you aren't comfortable with. 

  1. Practice perfecting your form in it, find ways to be comfortable and small. Do this without someone shooting at you. Do it in a staged/drill style.
  2. Then add in some targets and do some snap shooting drills from the bunker.
  3. Next, remove the targets and add a person to snap shoot against you from bunker to bunker.
  4. Next step it up one more level and practice gunfighting your way out of the bunker and to another one.

The more you do this, the better you'll get and you will become more comfortable playing in those positions. 

Learning to make a small bunker feel comfortable will provide you with a very fortified feeling and allow you to play all over the field. 

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This makes a lot of sense and is so true about the “size” thing

Christian concepcion

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