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It can be easy to stray away from the basics on the Paintball field, especially in high-pressure situations. But the basics can really help us excel when things get intense and the adrenaline is pumping. In this blog, we’ll show two easy drills you can do to improve your accuracy and marker handling fundamentals.

The first drill is a great warm up drill. Set up a target 20-30 feet away from you. Facing the target with your marker up, walk toward the target while firing one shot at a time. Once you’ve hit the target, switch hands and continue shooting one ball at a time until you hit the target, then switch hands again. Repeat this process until you’re close enough so it’s no longer difficult to hit the target. If you’re interested in a more challenging drill, you can start farther away from the target and increase your movement speed toward the target.



The next drill utilizes several Paintball fundamentals in one simple drill and builds upon the first drill. You’ll be snap shooting, running and gunning, and switching hands with your marker. These may seem like basic skills; however, mastering these fundamentals is essential to gain a competitive edge on your competition.  This drill is especially useful if you want to develop better accuracy and coordination on the field. 

First, pick two bunkers on the field that are decently spaced apart. Next, place a target in front of both bunkers, forming a triangular shape.  Make sure that you can see the target from both bunkers you are using. 

Starting with your non-dominant hand, snap out on the inside of the bunker and shoot at the target. Once you’ve hit the target three times, run and gun to the opposite bunker while shooting at the target.  Once at the other bunker, repeat the process with your other hand. With enough reps, this drill becomes a fantastic cardio workout as well.


What do you think about these two drills? Do you think they could help your game? What are your favorite drills to do?

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Great stuff! Trying this drill out this weekend! Can’t wait to see how it improves my game!


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