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archived - VIO Swag Crate


If you have a VIO this is the crate for you. And if you don't have a VIO, you're well on your way to building a complete one with this kit! Plus, with all of our crates, it comes with a $10 Gift Card so you can immediately take care of business yourself if you want something a little different. That's a $130 Value for under 50 bucks!

Need an additional incentive? Buy 2 Crates, and get a $30 Discount Code, which is good for $30 off select products. Buy 3 Crates and we'll bump that Discount Code up to $50. 

The exact products colorways and styles may vary slightly in each Crate based on availability, but your Crate will include the following:

  • VIO Goggle Frame
  • 2 VIO Stealth Visors
  • VIO Clear Single Anti-Fog Lens
  • 2 VIO Facemasks
  • 2 Pairs of VIO Hinge Locks
  • $10 Gift Card
  • + Random bonus goodies added in by our warehouse ninjas.


Due to to inclusion of the gift card, discount codes, and steep discount, no returns are possible on this product.


zzz - VIO Swag Crate
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